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OEM Pontiac Parts & Accessories

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Introduced in 1926 as a budget car brand in the General Motors family, Pontiac exceeded expectations and quickly surpassed the original Oakland brand in terms of both popularity and staying power. Over the decades since, the marque was beloved for its sporty, powerhouse models, with such names as GTO and Firebird earning rabid followings. GM chose to stop production in 2010, due to slumping sales volume.

Common Pontiac Maintenance Parts

Keeping your Pontiac on the road is simple when you follow a regular maintenance schedule such as the one laid out in your owner's manual. That means you'll want to be sure to keep some of following parts on hand to make it easier to follow that routine:

Oil filter: Keeping clean oil running through your engine is the best way to lubricate it and ensure that it continues running strong. An oil filter helps with that, since it traps contaminants that would otherwise foul up the works.

Wiper blades: don't risk driving blind due to accumulated muck gathering on your windshield. Replacing the wiper blades with a new set ensures a clear view of the road ahead, no matter how bad the weather conditions get.

Spark plugs: While modern spark plugs can last a long time, they still have a limited life span. Once they start to fail, you're going to find it harder and harder to get your engine running -- which isn't ideal. Follow your manual's timeline to make sure that you don't run past your plugs' effective lifespan, and you're all set.

Essential Replacement Parts for Your Pontiac Model

Then there are the many parts you'll need to switch out when they begin to fail due to age or excessive wear and tear. From nuts and bolts to headlights, brake shoes, and alternators, you need the components that work best with your ride. We have them.

Save When You Buy Genuine Pontiac Parts Online

Even though the Pontiac name was retired more than a decade ago, you can still get the genuine parts and accessories that you need to keep your pride and joy running as well as it did the day you bought it. That's because we sell those parts, directly from General Motors. Since they're made to fit your model, you can trust in their performance -- guaranteed!

We sell those parts at prices marked up to 35% lower than the MSRP you'll pay elsewhere, too. So not only do you get the parts you need, but you also get them at prices you'll love. Order today and you'll get your replacement parts in no time at all!