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The place: Detroit, MI. The year: 1896. The story: A machinist-turned-engineer employed by the Edison Illumination Company begins work on a new vehicle, operating out of a workshop located behind his house.

That's how Henry Ford, tinkering about with the full encouragement of Thomas Edison, built what became the Ford Motor Company by 1903. In the century-plus since, Ford has carefully created a reputation for automotive excellence while expanding its model lineup to continue to meet consumer demand and motoring trends.

Now, the company continues to lead the industry as it explores such innovations as all-electric versions of the iconic Mustang muscle car and the workhorse F-150 pickup truck.

Save When You Shop For Genuine Ford Parts Online

At Group 1 Auto Parts, we aim to hold true to the legacy Mr. Ford built. That's why we sell only the genuine auto parts that Ford makes for their models. We believe that whether you're seeking air filters or windshield wipers, you should expect the guaranteed compatibility you want for your car, van, SUV, or pickup.

We make it easy to find the parts you need online, as well. Search our extensive inventory by model, year, and the type of parts you need. You'll notice that the results are priced up to 35% off the MSRP, allowing you to complete your project both on time and on budget. Should you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact our team of expert Ford parts specialists. They're happy to help, and will arrange to have your order shipped out right away once you check out!