Overall Rating: 90.71%
Average Rating: 9.07/10
Very fast shipping and the part was Oem honda from japan and fit perfectly on my acura rsx!!
Alex R, Group 1 Auto Parts
Shipping could be faster. (took 3 days processing, when said on website part was in stock?) Shipping could also be cheaper( as part was no bigger than a thumb tack and was rubber so very light cost .78) but cost 8.15 for shipping which could have been done with a postage stamp. Part was as described and arrived in perfect shape also very hard to find,
Cecil Dennis, N/A
The only thing is why is the software written to check the VIN as you place the order . Doesn’t make sound sense. Other the system works great
Curt Wynkoop
Have never ordered parts for vehicle before but knowing no one has parts for my 2001 Olds I tried this. Once I found what I needed which was very easy I called a mechanic to make sure. He looked it up online and said go for it. It would save me money and they will just charge me labor to install.
Very simple process.
Easy to navigate website as well as ease of checkout. Can't wait to get my part in the mail! Thank you
Grace Grzybek
I needed to contact the company to answer some questions I had about the part I was going to order. I got a response very quickly and my questions were answered. The service was very good.
Mark Lau
Ordered a part when they were unable to fulfill the order they immediately notified me and refunded my account. That's what I call great customer service. I will definitely continue use them for future parts.
James Garreau
I've used this website for over 4 years now and what I enjoy is the ability to look at older orders and verify prices from the last order that had been made. What I have noticed is the prices are very consistent. Keep up the great work and website
Jerry Butler
Shipping could have been a lot cheaper for a part that weighed less than an ounce and could have been paid for with a postal stamp.

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